Seller guarantees puppy to be healthy at time of sale

​Seller guarantees puppy has been dewormed every two weeks and vaccinated per my program [vaccinations are current]

​Seller guarantees the puppy to be free of Hip Dysplasia with a rating of 'severe'.  A mild hip dysplasia never shows a problem

​Seller guarantees puppy to be free of Spinal Myopathy, genetic heart and pancreatic diseases until puppy is 3 years old.

​Seller guarantees temperament for 12 months, to be not overly aggressive for buyer. Buyer must provide documentation of training, socialization and Veterinarian statement on temperament. 

​Seller has the right to decide replacement puppy or refund the price of puppy minus deposit. Does not include original shipping costs.

Buyer agrees to feed a "quality" puppy/dog food. If puppy growth is to fast, buyer understands to switch to adult food and reduce protein levels. Raw is a premium food and I support a raw diet. Buyer must educate themselves on feeding raw.

​Buyer's puppy hasn't had an accident or injury that has caused the issue.

​Buyer must obtain two Veterinarian documented diagnosis and provide to breeder.

​Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs on replacement puppy.

Buyer has had puppy/dog in his possession, not sold or given away. Puppy/dog doesn't live with a second party individual.

Buyer has not spayed or neutered this puppy prior to 18 months old or this will void all warranties.

Buyer has not bred this puppy/dog or produced a litter. If this puppy/dog has a litter all warranties are void.

​Buyer understands this warranty, signs this warranty/ dates this warranty and returns a copy with deposit. Buyer has 10 days to return this warranty signed and dated. Warranty is voided and puppy is sold as is for failure to return warranty to me.

​Buyer has read this warranty, understands warranty, signs and dates warranty and mails to Silver Edition German Shepherds.

​Buyer doesn't understand this warranty as written, feel free to ask questions.

Silver Edition German Shepherds, Sandra and Jeff Lewis are not responsible for any vet bills, of any puppy/dog purchased.

​Buyer must provide an OFA document of hips rated as severe.​​

​No other guarantees exist either stated or implied!

​Silver Edition German Shepherds doesn't warranty color, size or coat.

Warranty void if not returned, signed, which acknowledges buyers understanding of our warranty. If you don't understand our warranty, please ask!

     ​This warranty, for a Silver Edition kennel puppy, purchased from Jeff and Sandra Lewis. This warranty is not transferable. Warranty is for a puppy sold with AKC limited registration. Breeding a puppy or adult, male or female voids this entire warranty.

                Silver Edition                   Old fashion German Shepherd




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